Overview of the CEPCo Custom Shop

Sometimes simply owning a nearly one-of-a-kind vintage instrument just isn’t enough without its own custom look or circuit modifications. At The Chicago Electric Piano Company we understand–if not encourage–this kind of self indulgence. In addition being able to restore your vintage piano to its original specs, our workshop will consult with you to rebuild your instrument to obtain any custom look or sound that you are looking for.

The most common custom shop services are cosmetic finishes and we also offer custom electronics, MIDI installation, Clavinet Whammy System and given our expertise with these instruments we have the ability to achieve any custom sound or look that you are going for. For more information about our Custom Shop services or to request a quote on services please email Max Brink at max@chicagoelectricpiano.com.2013-01-26 11.30.54

MIDI Installation

2014-09-09 17.53.19The Chicago Electric Piano Co. can add MIDI to all models of Rhodes and Wurlitzers. The MIDI system that we incorporate uses the finest optical MIDI sensors available that are both extremely accurate and have no affect on the action of the instrument. This gives you the expressive action and good vibrations of your electric piano with the seemingly endless range of MIDI sounds available. The MIDI’s output signal runs on a separate output from your Rhodes so either sound can be used independently or blended together without diminishing either signal.

Whammy/Castlebar Clavinet

Whammy ClavinetWe are experts in installation of the Clavinet Whammy bar system by Ken Rich Sound Services. Ken engineered his design based off of the original Castlebar system used by George Duke. The installation requires either routing the top of your clavinet or customizing your Clavinet with a new wood top and side blocks. The Whammy Clavinet still delivers the classic percussive Clavinet funk while opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities the instrument! Check out some of the YouTube videos here (installed by KRSS): George Duke Clear Plexi Castlebar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kazeEqmd7Ss Pedal Steel Inspired Clavinethttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD-l9kuilkY

Lead Guitar Tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltvUecPpH_g
“Evolution of Guitar:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltvUecPpH_g

Here are some of our favorite Custom Shop Creations:

Custom Silver “Low A” Piano Bass

(Click link above for more info)Rhodes Piano Bass Top Case Silver

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Logo

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Custom Tone Bars

Custom 88 Key Piano Bass Low A Rhodes

Custom Tweed “Copper Top” Rhodes

(Click link above for more info)  Custom Tweed Rhodes with Sparkle Top

Honey Oak Cheek Blocks

Custom Fender Rhodes by Chicago Electric Piano Company

Fender Rhodes Tweed Top Case

Kesha’s Custom Psychedlic Wurlitzer 200

(Click link above for more info)2014-06-17 10.48.18

2014-04-23 11.56.48

2014-04-23 11.56.40

2014-04-23 11.48.52




Custom Tweed Rhodes Suitcase

(Click link above for more info)2014-09-20 13.11.092014-09-20 13.11.40

2014-09-20 13.10.17

Custom “Silver Satellite” Janus I System

(Click link above for more info)

Rhodes Janus I Silver Satellite

Rhodes Janus Faceplate

Rhodes Janus I Back Silver
Jeff Tweedy’s Custom Orange Mark II

(Click link above for more info)Custom Rhodes Orange

Orange Custom Rhodes Colors

Rhodes Lid in Orange

Custom Ivory Piano Bass (Hand Selected Build)

(Click link above for more info)Rhodes Piano Key Bass

Rhodes Bass

2014-07-02 11.31.38

Jeff Tweedy’s Custom Tube 106P’s

Custom High Gain Amplifier Custom Low Gain Amplifier Custom w/ Warneck Research Amplifier

Wurlitzer 106 Orange Front Faceplate

Wurlitzer Custom Tube Amplifier

Wurlitzer 106 Front Orange

2015-02-11 08.25.49

2015-02-11 09.11.17

2014-01-27 15.48.17

2014-01-27 15.48.01

2014-01-27 15.48.37

2015-02-11 09.09.53

Custom Moog Inspired “Lunar” Rhodes

(Click link above for more info)

2013-08-05 12.56.31

Lunar Rhodes Cheek Block

2013-08-20 19.57.46

Classic Finish with Replated Tone Bars, Walnut Cheek Blocks, & Re-coned Speakers

(Click link above for more info)IMG_1272




Tweed “Two-Tone” Rhodes Suitcase

(Click link above for more info)Rhodes Tweed Two Tone Cheek Block Best

Rhodes Tweed Two Tone Angle

Rhodes Tweed Two Tone Back Angle

Rhodes Tweed Two Tone Front W Case

Rhodes Tweed Two Tone Logo

Navy Blue Rhodes Suitcase

(Click link above for more info)2014-10-09 11.21.22

2014-10-09 11.23.26

2014-10-09 11.19.04

Wilco Loft White Wurlitzer

(Click link above for more info)Wilco White Wurli Back

Wilco Wurli - Side